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Scotts Emulsion - Original 200ml

Scotts Emulsion - Original 200ml

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Scott’s emulsion contains vitamin A and D and Calcium for physical growth , healthy immune function and strong bones and teeth.


Omega 3 is an essential fatty (DHA and EPA) which support development of brain function and protect against infections. Vitamins A and D are essential for growth and development ,and support healthy immune function.

Strong bone and teeth are supported by calcium and Vitamin D for essential growth and maintenance. Healthy vision is supported by Vitamin A.


Composition of Scotts Emulsion Original 200ml

by % w/w capelin oil 10.0, cod liver 10.0,sorbitol solution 5.0,sucrose 5.0 , Calcium hypophosphite 0.98, Xanthan gum(keltrol) 0.85,sodium hypophosphite 0.49, propylene glycol Alginate 0.17,hydrochloric acid 0.104 potassium sorbate 0.1, methyl salicylate 0.0357, Benzaldehyde 0.0286, cinnamon oil 0.0214,clove oil 0.0143,purified water q.s

Dosage Scotts Emulsion Original 200ml

1-3 years 5 ml a day, 4-8 years 15ml a day , above 9 year 15 ml thrice a day
Side effects; allergic reactions like rashes, nausea and vomiting

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