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Reme DMilk of Magnesia 114ml

Reme DMilk of Magnesia 114ml

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REME-D is an excellent antacid with laxative properties .It neutralises extra acid in the stomach and thus relieves upset stomach, heartburn ,colic and gas formation .

Indications ; Upset stomach,heartburn,colic,gas formation and constipation.
Composition ; It contains magnesium hydroxide USP 7.9%w/w
Dosage: As a laxative. Adults and children over 12 years ;2-4 teaspoonfuls in a glass of water taken before bedtime. Children 1-5 years ;half teaspoon (2.5ml) twice daily. 6-12 years; one teaspoonful(5ml) twice daily.

Use as antacid ;
Adults and children over 12 years; 1-2 teaspoonfuls (5ml-10ml) in water taken after meals 2-3 times daily
Children 1-5 years half teaspoon (2.5ml ) twice daily
6-12 years ; one teaspoonfuls (5ml)twice daily

FOR INFANT FEEDING BOTTLE ; Addition of one tablespoonful in 500ml of cows milk or half tablespoon of powdered baby milk helps make milk more digestible and prevents constipation.

Side effects; rectal bleeding,no bowel movement after using it as a laxative,severe nausea,vomiting ,slow heartbeats, a lightheaded feeling

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