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Redoxon Vitamin C 10's

Redoxon Vitamin C 10's

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Redoxon Double Action/Triple Action Effervescent Tablets 10' Orange Vitamin C, D & Zinc.


Redoxon Double Action is a combination of high strength Vitamin C and Zinc to help support your immune system. Both essential nutrients in the Double Action formula complement each other to support your body's immune system. Redoxon Triple Action with Triple Action Formula of Vitamin C enhanced with Zinc and Vitamin D, helps to support your daily immunity and overall well-being.


  • Directions of Use

    Dissolve the tablet in a glass of water to enjoy a healthy, refreshing drink.


    Adult: 1 tablet per day Children: 6-12 years old: Half a tablet a day or as prescribed by physician.

  • Ingredients

    INGREDIENT: Per Tablet Double Action Vitamin C- 1000mg Zinc- 10mg

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