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Optima’s Aloe Dent Miswak toothpaste 100ml

Optima’s Aloe Dent Miswak toothpaste 100ml

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The miswak stick is a toothbrush as well as a toothpaste, a very convenient 2-in-1 appliance. Miswak contains potent anti-bacterial properties, protects against the buildup of plaque. A perfect treatment for bad breath and strengthens gums preventing gingivitis.


Active ingredients of Miswak:

  • Alkaloids—Salvadorine, Trimethylamine—have an antibacterial effect
  • Silica—natural abrasive, removes stains
  • Calcium, Chlorides, Fluorides—important for dental care. Flouride helps in remineralizing the tooth structure.
  • Sulphur
  • Vitamin C
  • Resins—Form a protective layer over the enamel to prevent the formation of caries
  • Tannins—Function as a natural astringent, stimulate premolar saliva production
  • Saponins, Flavonoids, and Sterols in small amounts
  • Essential oils—impart a mild taste and fragrance, stimulate the production of saliva, and help relieve flatulence

Optima’s Aloe Dent Miswak toothpaste also contains:

  • Aloe Vera - naturally soothing gel
  • Co - Q10 & Horse Chestnut - for healthy gums
  • Tea Tree Oil - natural antiseptic
  • Chitosan - Attacks bacteria
  • Silica - natural whitener
  • Peppermint & Menthol- natural flavor
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