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Nivea Sun Protect Lotion SPF 50 200ML

Nivea Sun Protect Lotion SPF 50 200ML

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specially formulated for delicate skin, nivea sun spf 50 sun lotion has an optimised balance of uva and uvb filters to help to protect the health of your skin.

Nivea sun lotion is enriched with aloe vera and pro-vitamin b5 to calm the skin and it is easily absorbed. With lasting water resistance, the vitamin e combats harmful free radicals and premature skin ageing. Nivea sun provides immediate protection against sun burn, long-term skin damage and helps reduce the risk of sun allergies. The sun protection factor (spf ) gives an indication about the degree of protection against sun burn. As the spf increases, the amount of sun burn including uvb radiation that reaches the skin is reduced. The spf should be chosen depending on the skin type, season, location and time of the day.

Nivea sun lotion spf 50 gives immediate protection against harmful sun exposure. Its lasting effect will keep your skin healthy and moisturised.

The nivea sun screen, nivea ultra-oil, was launched way back in 1936. But it was only later that scientists first began establishing the link between sun exposure, skin cancer and skin damage, such as premature ageing. These discoveries spurred nivea ’s researchers to develop groundbreaking products that would help protect people from these effects and make it safer to enjoy the sun . Over the next few decades, breakthroughs led to a number of skincare innovations, including sun screens with spf or sun protection factor, spray-on sun screen, moisturising sun creams and specialised products for children, babies and sensitive skin. Nivea ’s aim has always been the same – to help people of all ages enjoy the sun , wherever and whenever they want.

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