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Nestle Nan Optipro 1 400g

Nestle Nan Optipro 1 400g

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Nan 1 400g is perfect for babies from birth up to 6 months old. Nutritionally complete, it provides an effective component for your baby’s growth and development. It is a Follow-Up Formula Based on Cow’s Milk

It contains iron, Bifidus BLwhich are Naturally active probiotics. It also contains DHA a Fatty acid that contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function.


How to use Nan Optipro 1 400g.

  • Wash your hands before preparing baby’s formula.
  • Wash all utensils well (cup & spoon).
  • Boil drinking water for five minutes; allow to cool.
  • Only use scoop from this container and level using inner rim.
  • Consult feeding table, add exact number of leveled scoops of powder into the cup.
  • Stir well until powder is fully dissolved.
  • After use, store the scoop in suspension inside the can as shown.
  • Close tin tightly after each use and store it in a cool and dry place.


Must be used within 3 weeks after opening. Feeding

Age of infant Quantity per feed No. of feeds per day Previously boiled water in ml. Number of measuring scoops Formula others from 1 year onwards 210 7 2 3

To maintain the number of living cultures, the boiled water must be cooled down to about body temperature before adding the powder. Note: Use only the enclosed scoop.

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