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Menthodex Cough Mixture 100ml

Menthodex Cough Mixture 100ml

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Menthodex Cough Mixture is a cough syrup with expectorant properties for the relief of colds, sore throats, irritating and chesty coughs.




Ammonium Chloride 200mg, Sodium Citrate 100mg, Menthol 15.5mg, Liquid Extract of Horehound 0.003ml, Squill Ticture 0.002ml, Tolu Tincture 0.002ml, Liquid extract of Tussilago 0.0008ml.




Adults: Two 50ml spoonfuls  Children: (7-14yrs) One 5ml spoonful. These doses may be repeated three times a day and at bed time.




Read product label carefully

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