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Day and Night Capsules

Day and Night Capsules

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Day & Night Nurse Capsules offer complete 24 hour relief* from cold and flu. Each handy pack contains both Night Nurse and Day Nurse Capsules. Taken during the day, Day Nurse offers non-drowsy multi-symptom relief, including tickly coughs and blocked nose. Then, taken before bedtime Night Nurse helps relieve fever, sore throat pain, headaches and tickly coughs, so helping restful sleep.


Day & Night Nurse comes in a pack of 24 capsules, 18 of non-drowsy Day Nurse and 6 of Night Nurse. Take up to 3 doses of Day Nurse throughout the day, allowing at least 4 hours between doses, and then 1 dose of Night Nurse just before bedtime.


Suitable for adults and children aged 16 and over.

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