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Bazuka Treatment Gel

Bazuka Treatment Gel

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Bazuka Treatment Gel is specifically designed to help treat verrucas, warts, corns and calluses.

Bazuka Gel is clinically proven to treat verrucas, warts, corns and calluses, working by forming a water-resistant protective barrier over the infected area. This helps to stop the spread and promote healing.

Contains salicylic acid and lactic acid which gently remove the infected skin tissue, helping to eliminate the virus.


  • Clinically proven
  • No plasters needed
  • Removes infected skin tissue
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • How to use:

    STEP 1: Soak the affected area in warm water for 2 to 3 minutes. Dry the area thoroughly, using your own towel to avoid spreading infection.

    STEP 2: Carefully apply a thin coating (one or two drops) of the gel to the top of the wart, verruca, corn or callus only.

    STEP 3: The next evening, carefully peel or pick off the white patch of dried gel from the wart, verruca, corn or callus. Then repeat steps 1 & 2.

    STEP 4: Once every week, before applying more gel, gently rub the wart, verruca, corn or callus with the emery board provided or a pumice stone.


    Minimise spreading the gel to surrounding skin as it may cause irritation. Keep away from eyes, cuts and grazes. Do not use it on the face, neck, armpits, breasts, bottom or genital regions. Diabetics should also avoid the use of this gel.

    Bazuka Gel can be used by adults, the elderly and children over 2 years. Children under 12 years should be treated by an adult, and treatment of infants less than 2 years is not recommended.

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